The characteristics of the small loan

We have often mentioned the small loan as one of the best ways to obtain immediate liquidity. Indeed it is so, this option made available by the National Social Security Institute is an excellent solution for obtaining loans.

What are we talking about exactly? The small loan is a form of credit that belongs to the and that does not need documentation to be granted. It is paid in cash at the cash desk of the institution or on the bank / postal current account of the person requesting the loan.

But do you know what the characteristics of the small loan are? And above all, do you know the details of this formula ? Before making your choice, you need to know the options that will allow your finances.

Learn about the small loan.

Learn about the small loan.

  • The small loan can be requested by public sector employees and retirees enrolled in the unitary management of credit and social services. So the first requirement for obtaining this loan is being (or having been) an employee of the state .
  • To get the small loan you don’t have to hand in documentation and you don’t have to justify the use of the sum. It is not necessary to present medical certificates if the money is used to cover medical expenses.
  • The loans are annual, two-year, three-year and four-year . This means that you can ask for one, two, three or four monthly payments (or pensions) to be repaid in 12, 24, 36 and 48 monthly installments respectively. In practice, the number of installments is proportional to the amount requested, which is spread over the years.
  • The benefits for in providing this loan? The inclusion of an annual nominal interest rate of 4.25% in addition to administrative expenses of 0.50% and a risk fund premium.
  • It is possible to request a loan from again after a proportional number of months has passed (6 months for the annual one, 12 months for the two-year period …) to the type of amount requested.

Do you clarify the doubts? To learn more about the small loan you can take a look at the official rules and in this page you will find the handbook necessary to calculate the net amount that can grant.

So, have you already found the right loan for your needs? Leave your questions in the comments.